Why are smart robots not helping us at work like smart devices do today?

Welcome to Proboter

Experts in the fields of Cloud Robotics, Machine Learning, Robot Design and home of the Smart Robots.

We believe in a world where humans and robots work side by side. Smart Robots should be more than just another type of machine. They will be your new colleague, helping to achieve results not previously thought possible.

We are a talented and passionated team of experts in all fields of robotics. Our work is deeply focused in integrating the latest robot innovations into real world problem solving helpers.

Trust is the strongest element in human collaboration. This is why all of our developments starts with questions for more safety. Robots need to be predictably. For you. For me and everyone who´s team include members not only beeing human kinds.

Our Mission

Provide smart robots which simplifies our lifes by collaborating side by side in our daily work routines

Seeking really smart humans
to build smart robots

Searching for something completely new? Want to learn, understand and solve robotic challenges every day? Then say hello to us and get to know each other. We are always open for a nerdy talk on robotics as this is our passion