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Meet Different People

At Proboter, people of all different ages and from all walks of life come together. Among our team members are career changers, students and experienced professionals. When people work together as a group, they can achieve more than each individual alone – that’s community.


Express Yourself Freely

We're working with agile methods, through different timezones. Work from every place you want. Everybody has the potential to develop freely. We’re a mixed bunch with a common goal. We’ve got a burning desire for innovation and we love what we do.


Start-up with Personality

Proboter is an ambitious, upcoming company on the lookout for people who are hungry for challenges and want to shake things up. Through dynamic and flexible advancement, everyone has the opportunity to prove themselves and take on responsibility.

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Choose your profession below and read more about the talents for developing smart robots which are lying dormant within you.

Machine Expert

How we Challenge


There are many innovative heads. There are still more ideas. Possibly even yours. Experiment.


Test everything you think you know continuously and send complete prototype on journey.


Testing in real-time and real environment, particularly how customer respond Analysing data for fast success.


High learning effect by contact with reality. Restarting with more knowledge.

Our Global Perks Discover yourself.

Time for pursuing your interests

We have an 80/20 working concept, which means you can spend 20% of your working time with topics that are of interest to you. You’ll get to explore new areas and further your professional knowledge.


Your results are what matters most. We have an agile approach which spans various time zones, providing you with a unique opportunity to arrange your working hours and design your own work-life balance.


We develop a new product from scratch, which is why we place a lot of value on research. Your results won’t end up collecting dust in a drawer – they will be put to practical use.

Remote Work

You can work from all over the world with an internet connection. Our tools and systems are designed with the agile working method in mind. Your workplace, your decision.


We work on several continents in many different countries. Breakfast in Ukraine, lunch in Germany, dinner in Canada.
What’s your favorite location?


We’re looking for people from different nations and with a variety of life experiences to contribute their views to our company. Develop yourself successfully at Proboter.

Jobs You can do so much more.

Discover yourself.

Computer Vision Engineer

Your task is to create and analyze image processing algorithms, as well as integrate them into a complex system.

Mechanical Engineer

You’ll be onboard throughout the whole process – from the design specifications to the mechanical layout and construction.

Electronics Engineer

You’ll be responsible for the integration of sensors and actuators, including the utilization of advanced technologies.

Robotic Application Engineer

Your task is to provide pre-sales and after-sales service and technical application consulting.

Speculative Application

By the way, it is no problem if there is no current job opening that matches your qualification - we are happy to receive your spontaneous application. Just tell us what you can contribute to the success of Proboters.