Robotic Friday Fun: Iron Man, Cubimorph, Flying Robots & Swarming

  • May 27, 2016

It’s Friday. Time for our new Friday Fun videos – punctual to open the weekend. Friday Fun is all about robotic, what else?
Friday Fun means sharing the best videos we’ve seen within the last two week.
Videos, which are the most impressive, the most funniest, the most innovative, the most interesting, the most extraordinary or videos we’ve only seen.

Iron Man Suits

Have you ever dreamed of your own Iron Man Suit? Hyundai created a wearable robotic suit is able to lift hundreds of pounds easily. Sounds like real superhero feeling!

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery just got more autonomous. This robot outperformed expert surgeons and current robot-assisted surgical techniques in open bowel surgery in pigs.


Cubimorph is a modular interactive device that shape-shifts into arbitrary shapes, e.g. a phone turning into a console.

Perching with static cling

Researcher made a robotic insect, they can perch by using electro-adhesion. The robots are able to perch on surfaces like glass, wood or even a leave.

Robotic Butterfly

A team from the Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory developed a 3.2 g Untethered Flapping-Wing Platform for Glight Energetics and Control Experiments.


LOCUST means LOw-Cost Unmanned aerial vehicle Swarming Technology. The LOCUST program will make possible the launch of multiple swarming UAVs to autonomously overwhelm and adversary.

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